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Learn java in One Day ? Will it possible to learn in just one Day ?

In one word "yes", it is possible to learn java programming language in just one day but for those who are intrested in programming languages, in just one day you can clear only the basic concepts of java programming language.

Let's talk about what is java ? Why java ? What is the benefit of java ?
java is just programming language like others but what makes it different with others? Oops concept make it different with others, wait ! what ? other langauge is also support Oops concept but why java ? because java support Full feature of Object oriented programming langauge(Oops) and it is simple and secure langauge with rich libaries. Now a days java is everywhere because of it's fatures

Hello World ! java

First, you need to open notepad from Start Menu --> All Program --> Window Accessories --> Notepad and write simple code given below and save it as name "".
Below shows the simple program of java Programming Language :

class HelloWorld
     public static void main(String arg[])
         System.out.println("Hello javaWP");  

What is the meaning of above program ? Let's talk about that. First come to the function , what is function ?
    Function is a set of instruction that what you want to execute like, calculate sum, finding the largest number, printing Hello World ! java, etc. How you can create your own function or How you can identify the builtin function ? Before talking about this we have to know about the syntax of fuction as shown below :
Syntax of Function :
<access modifier> <access specifier><return type> <funtion name> ( <parameter> ) {

as you can see the syntax of function above , basically you need know about the follwing things :
  1.access modifier
  2.access specifier
  3.return type
  4.funtion name
  5.parameter (if any) 1. acess modifier : it tells the program
what is class ? :