C++ vs JAVA, Difference Between Java And C++, Comparison CPP with Java

Key Difference: C++ vs Java

  1. C++ is platform-dependent, whereas Java is platform-independent.
  2. C++ uses compiler while Java uses both compiler and interpreter.
  3. C++ doesn't support automatic memory management while java has built-in automatic memory management known as Garbage Collection.
  4. In C++, Interface is a class while interface is not a class in Java.
  5. C++ supports pointers, which points the address, whereas Java doesn't support pointers.
cpp vs java c++ vs java
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Difference Between C++ vs Java

There are so many differences and similarity given below between the Java Programming Language and C++ Programming (Java vs C++).

SN Comparison C++ Java
1. Platform C++ is a platform-dependent Java is a platform-independent
2. Platform Scope It cannot run on different platforms, once it compiled. Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) - Due to JRE and Byte code, it can be able to run on any platforms.
3. Origin Based on C. Based on C++ and C.
4. Relationship C++ was designed to solve a different set of problems. Mainly used for system programming. Java was not designed to replace C++. Java is mainly used for application programming.
5. Compiler and Interpreter C++ uses compiler. Java uses compiler as well as interpreter.
6. Concepts C++ is a partial or semi Object-Oriented Language. Java is full Object-Oriented Language.
7. Multiple Inheritance C++ support multiple inheritances. Java doesn't support multiple inheritances because the subclass gets the ambiguity.
8. Scope resolution operator C++ support scope resolution operator (::)- A Scope operator is used to defining a method outside the classes and is also used to access the global variable inside the method that contains the local variable with the same name. Java doesn't support it.
9. Overloading C++ has both features, method overloading as well as operator overloading. Java support only method overloading.
10. Threads Supports C++ doesn't support any built-in thread mechanism. Third-party libraries need to support threads in a program. Java supports built-in threads. Import java.lang.Thread inorder to use threads.
11. Pointers C++ supports pointers, which points to the address. Java doesn't support pointers because of security reasons, if you get the address of any variable then it can be able to breach the security.
12. Call by value or Call by reference C++ support both call by value as well as call by reference Java doesn't support the call by reference because java doesn't support pointers. It supports only call by value .
13. Preprocessor directives Preprocessor directives (#) is use to include the libraries, C++ support Preprocessor directives e.g #include<iostream>. Java doesn't uses Preprocessor directives to include the libraries or class, It uses the import keywords to import any packages e.g import java.util.Scanner;
14. Memory Management C++ uses the manual memory management using Mallac(), Realloc(), Calloc(), Free(), and etc. Java support automatic memory management system known as Garbage Collection.
15. Intermediate Code C++ doesn't generate any byte code (intermediate code) after compilation. C++ generates executable native codes. Java generates a byte code (intermediate code) after compilation.
16. Is Case Senstive? Yes Yes
17. Representation of Strings C++ represents the strings in the form of Array. Java represents the strings in objects.
18. Output Format Using std libraries, Syntax :
It uses the print() function of System.out class System.out.print("Codenaive");
19. Code Execution Direct execution by Operating System. Code is excuted by JVM (Java Virtual Machine ).
20. Database Connectivity No Yes
21. Sandbox Model Not Supported Supported due to JVM.
22. Templates Templates are the most powerful features in C++.
e.g template <typename T>
Java doesn't support templates.
23. File Extension .cpp is used as extension for C++ program, e.g hello.cpp. .java is used as extension, e.g hello.java.
24. Unions It supports Unions. Java doesn't support Unions.
25. Structures C++ support Structures. Java doesn't support Structures.


We learn in this tutorial, how java is related to C++, what is the difference between C++ vs Java. Now, we know that both languages have their own importance at various aspects of features. As discussed, c++ is better in system programming e.g Kernal( creates by C/C++) whereas java is better in an application programming language.